Virtual (Free Trade) Zone for IT

“What is a ‘Virtual Zone for IT’?” you ask.

Good Question. In addition to being one of the worst named ideas ever, it is also one of the best ideas in Georgia. It is a Tax Exemption, not a Free Trade Zone. To establish the exempt status of your company you first establish a normal Georgian company (I suggest a Limited Liability Company for various reasons but it may be advantageous for some to set up another type of entity like a Joint Stock Company). The office can be located anywhere in Georgia. You then apply with the Georgian Revenue Service for exempt status. There is a very nice online service to assist you with this.

Definition of IT: “IT is the process of research, development, support, design, production and implementation of computer and information systems; as a result, various software products are in place.” Can’t get too much broader than that.

The result is that income earned in the IT business outside of Georgia is tax exempt. No Taxes. None.